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tuesday night i was rushed to emergency put on a respirator, given 2 adrenaline shots, and 2 shots of other stuff [i know one was cortisone] because this pasta sauce i ate had peanuts in it. my face blew up like a balloon, my eyes swelled shut, i broke out it welts and i couldn't breath. it was beautiful. i was supposed to go to a hospital for 3 hours observation but i was bored and went home.

having always been allergic to peanuts i've never eaten them so i don't know what they taste like. usuallly food has warnings as to it's peanut content but not in this case. the swelling is almost all gone down today and there's no rash but it was pretty funny, apart from the almost dying part. i looked like the biggest mong. blondie got photos.

it tops of a spectularly miserable week.

i'm not going to forget this so he doesn't get to either. that's how it works. tonight i hope i don't dream about him. last night was particularly bad, it's always the same one and it puts me in the worst mood for the rest of the day.

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