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nothing new to tell and nothing else to say

the end

dead boring weekend. drank myself stupid saturday night and ran up the street as the sun rose at 6.05am on a cold winter morning screaming "the sky is falling" and wishing i was in bed with a warm body to cuddle.

nettie moved out of the rats nest and we're one womyn short now.

the days pass but these are things i know and haven't changed, won't change:
*i've been there, i've fucked my friends when i've been sad, learn't early on not to do that again. it's easy to mistake friendship for love and love and sex are confused with being one and the same.
*some of us grow and learn and others take more drugs and hope it all goes away never grow up...
*she never liked his tatts, she told him that before, thought they were stupid and didn't see the point. haha.
*he was never attracted to her, she's too mean to be pretty, her skin feels like leather, she looks like man [or a horse].
*they both don't like eachothers taste in music... her at a hardcore/punk show is a joke... this whole thing is a fucking joke
*the way she dresses... the way he dress... he'll have to wear the shirts he bought for my parents so she can take him out. she has no style. she has no class.
*he was always on about how he would never date the same chicks all his friends had fucked and sucked from his inbred little suburb and then he does anyway.

drugs and friendships don't mix, it blurs the hazy inbetween lines that are there for a reason.

it turns out my paranoia was never completely unfounded, i have every reason never to trust anyone. i have every reason to be as bitter and jaded as i fucking please. either way i'm fucked.

damned if i do and screwed if i don't, one of those catch22halfadozenofone-sixoftheother situations.

the time to hesitate is through. [any excuse to quote empire records]

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