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this is not paranoia. things go bump in the night because soemone fucking bumped them. ahhhh... it used to be i would call him and he would be there before full-fledge panic set in and this time when it happened i was freaking out because i had NOONE to call.

i can't call anyone and in my moment of desparation i was like just call him at 12.40am i'm sure he'd really give a shit about you... yep he hasn't even checked to see how i am in almost a month i'm sure he'd really fucking care. but what it makes me relise is how much i'd relied on him for things like this. i know he'd still be up now.

in anycase i rang B thank gosh the parentals weren't home and he will be here shortly with a full arsenal to attack any would be predators of the night. this being alone just isn't my cup of tea. can't wait for the ladies to return.

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