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the weekend wasn't as drunken as i had planned. i got heat stroke at work on saturday afternoon and vommited which put a damper on my plans for a bender. in anycase the 21st i went to was alright, a bit quiet, but miss elvis is a doll and i adore her.

sunday afternoon i went to a BBQ up the road where nettie just moved in and drank some beer. it was good fun. new zealand band this night creeps were there and they all seemed really rad.

that new boy i've been sort of hanging out with was telling me how much he likes me and was sort of upset because he said i made it very clear about where i stand and how i feel so it has made it impossible for him to let me know how he feels. ahhh... he has made it ver difficult for me to keep things casual because i don't want to hurt him or lead him on.

he told me was beautiful and gorgeous and asked if he could kiss every part of my body from head to toe and i couldn't refuse and it was fucking amasing and yeah oh my... no one's ever done that to me before. so today i've been feeling pretty good. yup pretty damn fine indeed.

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