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seeing B again was so fun, i can't wait till he moves to brisbane and i can take him out on the town all the time and introduce him to lots of nice girls. he doesn't met alot of nice girls, alot of northcoast skanks and that's about it.

i think he's taking on an infatuation for his best mates ex-misses and i had to slowly explain to him that not ok to be anything but friends with her. anyway my brother is such a sweetie with the ladies i'm sure he'll have no trouble but he's dated some retards in his time. like the last one, turns out she was pregnant and had a boyfriend in england...

maybe poor taste runs in the family?

so i'm not working for a couple of days go errands to do today and i was thinking of painting or sewing or something fun. i want to go to spotlight 'cause i just got paid and get heaps of fabric and paints but i know i shouldn't 'cause i got to save money asnd pay that bloody parking fine. some good shows coming up off-minor, zombie ghost train... hmmm...

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