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i had a really good weekend. not the least bit painful. i appreciate love and respect every one of my friends so much that i don't think they'll ever understand how much. ahhh... they make me so happy. beer also makes me happy and saturday was the perfect combination of both.

i met an old uni friend for coffee which turned into free beers which resulted in $5 jugs at the mustang bar and zombie ghost train and dancing and getting into mischief. i saw moo and peircing boy and a heap of randoms from ages ago. ummm... still more than freaked out by being single.

got the whole "my girlfriends away..." line on saturday night which didn't really go down to well with me and i'm really unimpressed with boys in general. hahaha... although lots of them are really cute and adorable.

this old man [not really old... i have no idea] that i know sort of from shows was telling me how cute i was and asked if the boy from up the road was my boyfriend [i was sitting on his lap because of lack of seating... no other reason. promise.] then later during dancing to zgt he whispered in my ear "i want you so much right now" and it was hell funny. i think he must have been chopped off his tits.

i only threw up twice. woo hoo.

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