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i'm going to get into lots of trouble. from my parents, from the ninga-nas... yes, knee deep in trouble. i'm always getting myself into situations i can't escape from. my dad is the most frightening man. i'm about to be in alot of trouble indeed. everything about life is all up in the air at the moment. mortality is a difficult thing to try and come to terms with.

whatever happened on friday night, basically, it's my fault regardless of how fast the 4WD drive was going or whatever else because the only thing anyone can prove was that i was the at the stop sign and it puts me to blame no matter what. they should have taken photos of my car. it got sold today for $100 of scrap metal at the wreckers. literally there's nothing left of it.

i'm so glad that everyone is alright. fuck it's too scary to contemplate what might have happened. it makes me want to hug all my friends and not let go.

the things that sucks about having crushes is that ultimately you end up disappointed when someone ends up being nothing like you thought they'd be. the pedestool phenomenon. can't go round breaking hearts forever.

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