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ahhh i had too much fun on the weekend. friday night started with $5 jugs at the mustang bar with miss p and big pink and then the most fun bus ride ever into the city to pee skull more beer and catch another bus to ebbc for a birthday bash of the prosepine crew. i got there in time to see wiseacre play for the 1st time in ages and i danced alot and drank more.

some more bands played, i don't really remember other than it was fun. got told i danced alot. later went into the valley but wasn't really doing too well by then i had this big chat with piercing boy about love and life and it was very interesting... and then decided i should retire for the evening and passed out.

saturday i went to a really lovely party with all the kids from the street, crust, pinny, nettie, and the boy who lives up the road. i was drinking double blacks and having really great conversations about radical love, diy, freeganism and life with lots of people who i don't spend nearly enough time with.

it was another early one and i passed out before getting the chance to throw up and woke up sometime after 10am still fully dressed, got fish and chips and spent the day recovering on the couch watching sex and the city with blondie.

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