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the end

my computer was down for a couple of days. i haven't missed it as much as i thought i would. the last couple of days have been really good. i've been happy. i also don't miss having a car as much as i thought i would either.

from now on it's all small words, short sentences and BIG writing so you can understand. hahaha... FUCK YOU! hahaha... not my fault if you can't read or don't understand. i've been on good behaviour, no yelling, no violence, no nothing. i'm not perfect, i don't pretend to be. i'm far from it. infact i'm deeply flawed. i left well enough alone and vented on my diary and he's still fucking whinging. what the fuck does he want from me? what the fuck did he expect?

dear snotty bosworth.

if you don't want to know how i feel don't fucking read my diary. if you actually gave a shit you could talk to me and ask instead. i have every right to be as angry as i fucking like, you broke my heart, this is common knowledge no-one needs to read my diary to know that. i've been good about this i haven't been starting shit for you out or yelled at you or done anything to hurt you. i haven't spoken to you, i don't send you emails and have almost no contact with you what so fucking ever so when i see you it freaks me out completely because we used to be so close. fuck you for getting self rightous. where the fuck do you get off telling me what to write in my diary? when did you become so moral??? and so fucking what if i said i looked cute [in the last 10 entries i said i looked cute ONCE], my self esteem was fucking shattered after all that happened and the last thing i would want ever is for you to see me sad, crying red-eyed, half-starved, drunk.... i don't want you seeing me sad because of you because clearly you're already full of yourself. did you know *** came up to me and had this big chat with me about what happened at straddie??? no? well it was interesting. and as far as me growing up you don't even think about all the poeple you hurt. *******? hahaha... you're such a good person to be telling me how to live my life. here's a fantastic idea leave me the fuck alone and sort your own shit out before pretending you are so innocent or anyone else for that matter. **** fucked up, you fucked up. we've all fucked up pete. that's the truth. what i write is my way of dealing with it. you going overseas to be with her is yours. why the fuck would any of this bother you you clearly don't give a fuck about any but yourself. i really don't want to get into this. i hate you. i sure as hell don't think the world revolves around me either, did you stop to think that everything in my diary is about me because it's my diary... suprise.

i just sent this, i don't even want to send it. i don't even want to anything to do with him. arghhh... i'm going to cry. it sucks that he still gets to me.

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