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i have wanted to write about my shenanigans for sometime now and have been sidetracked with other things. i have alot of catching up to do.

i have been moony-ing far too many people lately. i got some really good photos of everyone from the ebbc. had a really good chat with the little asian boy and it's really fun because he's got a girlfriend now so it's not weird anymore. yay.

i don't remember what i did on the saturday anymore so it can't have been that exciting but on sunday we had stitch 'n' bitch at the radical love house and ate lots of really tasty vegan food and just sat around with about 12 other grrrls just talking about everything from how to make your own laundry detergent to hickeys.

it finished in the funniest sober game of spin the bottle [which i hadn't played since i was 12] and there were only 3 guys and lots of chicks. it ended in foursomes making out and lots of dry humping and miss-p, pinny and blondie called it a night before it turned into an all out orgy because it was just too much for a sunday evening. just look what happens when you don't have tv to keep you entertained and people have to entertain themselves.

i have a new level of respect for the radical love kids than i did before because the wendy o'matic seminars left me feeling really disillusioned by the idea but these kids have so much love and respect for eachother and they are so warm and generous so i figure it can't be all bad but it's not a bandwagon i'll be jumping on any time soon.

the week passed quickly because of the public holiday on wednesday, which meant i was drunk tuesday - thursday. i went to a hardcore show at scary street. it sucked but perish the thought from sydney were quite impressive. wednesday i went op shopping in izzwizz with mohawk boy and the whole friendship thing is good. it was really comfortable and he didn't push anything and i genuinely think he's a lovely person. he dropped me at a mate's where i polished off a bottle of the new mixed berry pop and went to sleep.

thursday morning was full of suprises... i think at some point during the week i must have also gone to work... friday night i hung out with tam tam at the argyle zine show in the city and saw astroboi play for the first time in 5 years. i forgot how much fun they are. i saw some other really good bands as well and then got a lift into the valley with some random and snuck into the new d-pot for the first time. it's pretty lame and far too dark but i danced alot and went home around 3-4am and worked the next day.

last night i was all set for a police academy movie marathon on the couch and was into the 2nd one when blondie announced she wanted to drink so we cracked open some pop and made an impromptu trip on the last bus to the valley. it resulted in me skulling rum and cokes getting well loose and then going to the strip club with mr and mrs ballerina and their crew. hahaha... i wish i had of stayed longer but i was drunk and disorientated and after getting pizza i headed home.

woke up this morning and was sad about sb. for some reason i just had this overwhelming feeling of missing him [fuck that shit for writing and reminding me of everything] and it was really hard but miss-p came over and we went to stitch n bitch again for awhile and then joined old school friend at the hippy cafe and played backgammon.

so much to do this week, so little enthusiasum.

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