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my parents are renting out the beach house to a banker which means i won't be able to go play there over the coming summer. hmphhh... i think we are getting some kids together for a final fling next weekend to say goodbye to the old girl. beer, beach, bikinis and all things related. going out with a bang.

in swimming related things i went swimming yesterday in northern nsw. a wee little mini road trip with 6 other people to celebrate the end of winter. so fucking good to be swimming in the ocean again. good beer, good food, good people. the weather was perfect and the water wasn't even that cold and i went in my undies because it was sort of spontaneous. really great day. yup.

how was that jumping through the window, how was that? i'll tell you how it was... it was rad. hahaha... miss p is the best. so random so funny.

i've got no idea what i'm doing.

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