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i'm on a computer with a touch screen mouse. very high tech. i'm suprised i was allowed near it at the rate i've been destroying new fangled gadgets lately. i'm up the coast and i'm bored. my dad is trying to convince me to watch afl with him and my brother despite my insistance that i don't actually like it. i've been told that i would if i actually went to a game and after all, fathers know best.....

anyway back to this touch pad thing was so bored wondering if i could navigate through windows using just my nose, turns out yes. good to know... good to know. then i wondered if i could type a whole entry with my nose but i already know i don't have the patience for it so i'm not going to bother so instead i'm resigning myself to a night of reading bad novels left in hotel rooms [my older sister is a cleaner at a resort] and listening to the males of my klan screaming obsenities at the television. the weekend has been wasted on me.

when searching for a pore mask earlier tonight i was horrified to discover all of Bs toiletries covered in sand and pubic hair thus rendering them useless to anyone else and now that i think about it all of B's belongings are covered in sand and pubic hair... included the touch pad my nose was just on. aaahhhhh.....

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