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coming back to brisbane was an anti-climax. hmmm... i want to say stuff i'm going to get in trouble for. you know the "thing" about the "stuff". *cough* hmmm...

oh my... the new AGAINSTME! is so fucking good i haven't stopped listening to it since i burnt it off nettie yesterday. i think i want to go to both shows but it'll be too expensive... so i'll either go tonight or tomorrow night. either way there will be people there i don't want to see and shit i don't want to happen.

i spent sunday at the beach and then at the farm for mum's birthday and father's day. i never thought i see my mum run around a paddock chasing goats... just never thought it would happen... all in all the visit was good. swimming was rad. miss-p took me to see butterfingers on sunday night before we came back monday.

i saw the little chilean boy... it was not weird this time and i didn't have an anxiety attack and we chatted about stuff. he hasn't changed, but that's a good thing for him. yep i loved that boy. i'm really glad now that he was my first boyfriend and that things turned out the way they did. i felt better to have seen him and known that there was a point back then too when i thought i'd never get over it. 4 years later... hahahaha... oh i'm so lame.

butterfingers were really good/funny but the set was hell short and it was $15! and it was in the dodgy nightclub that i had spent most of schoolies in and vowed never to return to... hahaha... seeing bands play up the coast is weird because it's so different from brisbane. i think it's because there's not alot of shows people tend to either be too cool and not dance at all and get maggot or go mental and jump up and down and shake there fist [mid to late 90's mosh style] and not dance and get maggot... and everyone wears thongs to shows. a couple of kids from high school recognised me and miss-p, pointed and grunted incoherently at us... not bad or rude more out of suprise than anything i suspect...

i dyed my hair again. i'm growing it out and it's sort of long enough now to start doing stuff with now. hmmm... i still have this little shaved bit at the back i can rub. i don't know what else has been happening, working heaps this week, lots of early mornings. keep thinking that things should be clearer. i like knowing what i want. indecision annoys me. especially my own. i just keep pretending if i don't think about stuff[cars/uni/work/money/people] i won't have to deal with it.

i may have already quoted this porkers song because i love to quote the porkers but oh well... "i'm the monster you created once was love now is mutated..." referring to the "thing" about the "stuff"...

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