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ahhh... my jobseeker diary is due tomorrow and i haven't filled it out for 8 weeks. hmmm... so been looking into this melbourne uni thing abit more, finalise that this week and then 4 more months, which seems like ages but it'll go so fast. i can't believe it's september already. weeeee.....

i don't think i'm going to do stock shifts at work anymore. the early mornings are crazy and it gets really monotonous. it was fun at first but yeah. there was this crazy work party at a fancy city club for our manager's going away [he was really cool] and pretty much it was just this big make-out fest where everyone was drunk or on pills.

i stayed till about 1am taking incriminating photos and drinking too many overpriced watermelon cocktails [but they were ooh so tasty] then there was absynth... insert blur here... and pole. bless pole. it was really good to be doing something different on a weekend and spending it with new people. so yeah fun all round. sunday i spent with nettie in the city.

tomorrow is coming up too fast. back to fraudulating government documents. hahahaa...

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