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pole lotta love - 2004-09-16
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i'm 22years old, this diary is over 2 years old.

i'm a uni student (BSc. pharmaceutical chemistry) who works part-time in retail. i spend the rest of my time drinking beer, sewing clothes, dying/cutting hair, going to shows, skateboarding and wasting money on body mutilating metal appendages.
tuesday night is grocery shopping night. and also my favourite day of the week.
i have a penchant for fancy undies, potatoes, shiny objects, plastic hairclips, moisturiser, contacting furniture, the smell of dynamo and baby powder, meat, shaved heads, tennis and rain.
i don't like people who speak slowly, video games, sound art, g-strings, cats, movies that glorify drug use, organised religion and fridays.


pygmilocks: i would say i'm a fiesty womyn, the less informed would call me a drunken hooligan

miss-p: the orginal ex-housemate, also my best friend since high school and loveliest lady i know.

big pink: damn hippy ex-flatmate, best hugs ever, is currently trying to start a compost bin or revolution...

ballerina: 10 times the fun

tam tam and the master jam: pump up the tam, legomans ex, tiniest grrrl you'll ever see with neck tattoos.

blondie: she's the keeper of the house and hardcore emo queen.

pinny: housemate, she's like a big polka dot bubble of joy, very stylish, has plenty of porn.

nettie: housemate, so metal, rugmuncher from the goldie.

the tank: miss-p's long term ex-boyfriend,

Doctor Jane: uni friend, the smartest person i know

JB: the other founding member of The SHIT-FACED MACGREGORS

green: part man part leprechaun

snotty bosworth: postal worker, drummer and bane of my existence

super-bruce: ex-housemate, enjoys strumming his guitar and sad melodic rock music. loves boobies.

satchel man:is a man who wears a satchel, also enjoys strumming his guitar and may own a harmonica... does not like titties.

HC grrrl: ther are no words

smaaron: the tank's best friend and an old "friend" from the coast


BRISVEGAS: AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI. the best beer in the world but only three degrees of separation between any two people.

the rats nest: my current sharehouse on the northside. 4 girls and a giant rat that eats our undies.

the love nest: one big happy sharehouse in suburbia... my old home

the gabba: my beer drinking and live music establishment of choice. has been knocked down and am now a nomad.

the valley: home of 2 for 1 thursdays and trendy night spots for psuedo alternative kids

the sunny coast: my parents and older brother live in a beach house up there. a painfully narrow-minded beach community with a horribly old-fashioned surf culture. re: puberty blues

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