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today was grocery shopping day. possibly the best day of the week. but before terrorising my local supermarket with a trolly i went to the city to pick-up a lay-by.

lay-bys are almost as great as grocery shopping because in 6-8 weeks i can bring my new purchase home to love it, care for it and accessorise it. its like a mini birthday.

i got a two-tone pvc belt with 3 bondage loops. its so fucking cool. except it's paul frank and i hate pauil frank and his damn monkey. so i un-picked all the tags.

i know it's pretentious to unpick the tags of something cheap so no-one knows what a scummy bastard you are, but is it also pretentious to take off expensive labels so no-one knows what a fashion victim you are?

anyway i don't care. tomorrow i'm doing some web cam action with F1 so i'll post some photos up with my super new belt.

my grocery list:

*milk*juice*bread*cotton buds*chicken breast*herb and garlic chicken patties*veal steaks*laundry detergent*tissues*sweet and sour sauce* 2 x coconut milk*cream cheese*hairdye remover*honey bubble bars (nutritious and delicious)*24 pack condoms*red cordial*

i hate the idea of seeing him out and not being able to touch him or even worse, going out and seeing him touching someone else...

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