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i'm in melbourne waiting to catch a bus to the airport. i bought hepas of pretty cool stuff but most of the things i wanted weren't in my size and i was well annoyed yesterday afternoon about this... there's so many good shops here, that's all i've been doing. i haven't seen any good bands but i guess i'll have to come back during a weekend to do that.

i went to the casino a couple of times, everything is completely overpriced, the tenpin was really fun, i actually bowled quite well for the first time ever but i think the lanes may have been short...

blah... anyway i ready to go home now, if only to get away from all the damn flies down here. i thought the further south you got the less there were but i've never seen so many flies in my life. there was this poor wheelchair kid on the street collecting money and he was seriously covered from head to toe in them. i just wanted to spray him with rid or something.

they have so many rock'n'roll shops down here there all pretty expensive but... lots of "vintage" shops as well, which really is just expensive second hand clothes. anyway it's all been good.

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