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"do you know how many people told me this was the best party they'd ever been to...? 4." - SB.

it was a fucking cool party. it had everything. free beer, bands playing on a half pipe, food, a giant trampoline, smoke that smelt like coconut, disco lights, the simpsons projected onto a paddock 50m by 50m that you watched from the top of a hill [haha if you don't have the metric system - and you're supposed to be in the most powerful country on earth *shakes head*]. ohhh and the best bit it had games, arcade games. me and F1 and big pink got well drunk it was too much fun.

"i can't find my pants." - big pink

before the party i went to the parklands with F1 and met up with HC grrrl, little miss S. and Eva Destruction [new character] for what was supossed to be a ladyfest meeting but ended up playing in the water and taking photos. HC grrrl made some fantastic LFG crew patches with swallows on them so we could all be elitest and then me F1 and eva d. made a zine in an hour.

sunday was spent in various states of hungover trying to study. i went up to the chardon's for awhile for the ska wars, bought a really marvellous coin purse that's made out of tin and has a skull and cross bones on it and came home. what the fuck is wrong with drummer boy, he doesn't even talk to me anymore, at first i thought it was because of his snotty girlfriend, but they're not together anymore... maybe i'm just not cool enough. oh well fuck him.

i had an exam yesterday and i don't think i did too badly, i have another one on thursday. tonight i'm going swing dancing. woo woo.

having sex to the misfits is the most fun.

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