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oh no... i just read that last entry. that's getting deleted. friday night was alot of fun but, with everyone shouting me drinks and i got a burnouts cd and danced alot. i got to wear my new red shoes out for the first time and they're so lovely and i screeenprinted guns on the back of my navy nurses dress and it looks wicked.

the only downside was being manhandled... i was walking past this guy i hadn't met back to the dance floor [i have no idea who he was] and he grabbed me by both wrists i pulled away and ran to the front of the stage we're everyone was and didn't think much more of it'cause it's been happeing so much lately. i'm definately sending out the wrong vibes somehow.

anyway i woke up in the morning to go to the markets and i have bruises on my wrist from where he grabbed me and it was quite sore. i'm not someone who bruises easilty either so i'm really upset by the hole thing 'cause i wish i had on done something about it last night at the show but i didn't even think of it.

so after the markets getting rained out i went home and slept all day. later i was talking to some people and i asked them if they new the old short fat guy with the shaved head who was at the show last night 'cause i remembered one of them talking to him earlier in the evening. and the chick who was there said the guy who grabbed me does in all the time and she's had to pull him off some of her friends before. it's just creepy, really fucking creepy and fuct up. what the fuck is wrong with all the boys today who feel they have to molest women, it makes me fucking sick in the stomach. it's not something any grrrl should have to worry about when she goes out.

RAR FUCKING RAR... the wrath of pygmi will be unleashed if i see that fucker again.

with all the rain i just stayed in and watched videos and now i have study to do.

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