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i filled up my photo album last week. 300 photos of the last 2 and a bit years of my life can now be stored in the back of my closet, most of them were of sb and me so in the same respect i'm putting it all behind me now. the photos, the journal entries, the everything, i'm just really fucking over it and don't want this anymore.

i called sb tonight because i didn't want to be involved in some internet war. because we need to talk about stuff. got told i am angry [i know i'm angry] and my diary is nothing more than a glorified gossip column. no secrets in brisvegas baby. fuck nothing i write is so bad, maybe people should look at their actions and not my words. this is just the worst of it. i don't feel like i have to explain myself again.

everyone else is so fucking good and moral give yourself a big pat on the back kids for never having fucked up [not talking about sb for once]. woo hoo. people suck.

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