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it's easy when you hate someone, it's hard when you love them.

the recent events of late has over-shadowed my hectic social calander. i've been to so many shows lately.

it started with sneaking into dropkick murphys which was pretty disappointing and the band seemed like a bunch of cocksmokers even though their set was tight and i got a shirt. shamrock and roll. 2 days later i had the pleasure of also seeing rocket from the crypt for free down the coast. their merch was crap so i didn't buy anything.

the most exciting thing for me was seeing goldfinger... gag... arghh... they've been one of my favourite bands since high school and also one of the best live bands i've seen all year. i felt so old, it was an all-ages show and kids and straight-edges were all together with most of the other people my age up on the balcony drinking. so there i was second from the front screaming along to the oldies with all these kids staring at me funny. so it came to the audience participation part and only me and three other people knew the words minds eye. i didn't really like there new stuff too much and they didn't play pictures or nothing to prove which are 2 of my favourites but i'm still creaming my pants over it. also no good merch.

after my last tragic entry i went to see my local gp, who pumped me so full of pharmaceuticals i was numb for the best part of the afternoon and well into the night, then i went to market day which is a big local music festival held by the community radio station 4ZZZ... i think they had 60 bands play and i managed to see 5-7 of them. it's a bit hazy.

i've got a molecular genetics quiz tomorrow followed by drinking and reel big fish. i'm excited.

sensible shoes + collared shirt = a communist?

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