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aahhh... uni starts again in less than a week and after over 4 months on holiday i don't know if i can do it. if all goes to plan this year i should finish my degree in november.

yesterday my vegan lipbalm from america came in the mail. it was my first go at internet shopping and it's fantastic, i'm going to get well stuck into it. i got it from ohhh it's so lovely and strawberry and creamy.

it's been raining for two weeks straight, i can't believe it's been almost that long since i last updated..... ohhhh so much stuff.....

we had an idiana jones trilogy night. harrison ford was a beast in his day. JB has a hard-on for him so she owns the trilogy.

last weekend was uneventful, tonight i'm going out for a friends birthday party in the city. i don't usually do the city cause it's so damn scary but i think beer will make it all ok.....

(stopping briefly to re-apply lipbalm for the 32nd time this hour. yummmm....)

gosh... i'm all scatty again from trying to enrol in subjects. i know i shouldn't write entries when i'm like this cause they're just dribble.

the party is this weekend. i got 3 meters of fake gold chain for my outfit. it's so funny.....

did i mention my lipbalm is in a cute metal tin.....

anway all good at the house except the maggots... i spent an hour on valentines day cleaning up maggots that were everywhere..... and i didn't even get any flowers so that was shit.

we had maggots because someone stole our wheelie bin (full of rubbish) and we had no where to put it so it was just sitting around the kitchen. who steals a wheelie bin really, i was told it must be some snot-nosed punk kid. but i'm a snot nosed punk and i've never wanted to steal someones rubbish bin full of shit..... tip over yes, steal no.

i think it was our dodgy nextdoor neighbours with the house full of magazines. wall to wall magazines in every room. satchel man tried to see what they were with his bird watching binoculars but to no avail. very creepy people.

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