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after the BBQ on saturday we went to the 21st of some guy from high school, i wasn't invited and didn't really know anyone but oh well. i got pretty drunk on a bottle of purple premixed cocktail stuff. in anyway it was a prime example of everything i ever hated about the sunny coast.

example 1: alot racists fuckwits.
guy one "i just got a tattoo in south africa"
guy two "did a nigger do it?"
guy three "they're all niggers in south africa".

example 2: even more sexists homophobes.
guy says to one of his best friends "i saw your ex the other day, peter is putting her away now. she's stacked on a bit, getting chunky" not to mention another guy who had playboy photos of his mate's sister pinned up on his wall.

then to top it off some drunk wanker pulled out he's not so impressive old boy and it was time to leave. shortly after leaving i was confronted by another penis, as some drunk chick was sucking off this guy in the middle of the street. it was pretty funny and there were about 5 of us (JB, beno, ballerina and her boy) just pissing ourselves laughing.

and so the party moved on and the night didn't finish nearly quick enough.

here's a funny joke i heard on the weekend.

how many emo kids does it take to change a lightbulb?

none, they can cry in the fucking dark

i'm still laughing.

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