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i've been just pissing my way through life lately and i have to get stuck into it cause i'm so sick of saying what i want to do instead of doing it. i want sew more clothes i want to renovate furinture, my last set of draws are fucking amazing, i want to finish uni this year, i want to skate and exercise more, i want to reform the shit-faced mcgregors and actually do someting with that. i want to start/put out my zine, the petticoat revolution. i want to move away from super-bruce cause he's a dirty dirty man and i hate him more everyday [i don't actually hate him but yesterday he was giving me the shits]. i want i want i want.....

i got an email from smaaron today, remember him? i hardly do it's been so long, but F1 told me yesterday he broke up with his grrrlfriend again so it was probably just a matter of time. i got lunachicks luxury problem cd, today and it's well wicked. aahhhhh..... i swapped it for a crappy nitocris cd i had. i bought lots of stockings today for winter and that was fun.

i'm so overwhelmed by everything at the moment i just need to sit down with a big cuppa decaffeinated strawberry and cream tea and sort it all out. i hope F1 comes round tonight but she probably won't, she didn't even come over on monday for our slu night [pout].

anyway i should really do stuff.

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