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my ear is burning like the fire of seven suns and is atleast the size of a golf ball. which is my own fault because the more piercings i get the more complacent i am about cleaning them.

i got my conch pierced on thursday during my lunch break at work. i'm such a blue collar punk... it's my first ear piercing ever and i wasn't expecting all these swelling and pus and pain. i mean with all my other piercing the pain is over the minute the jewellery was in [except when you knock them]

anway i'm not impressed. big pink got her labret pierced and it well suits her. later i bought a juice drink with hundreds and thousands on top which confused me greatly and didn't taste that nice either.

i worked a heap over the last couple of weeks so i have some extra money now to play with. i've done a heap of internet shopping so that should come in the mail anyday now. hairclips and knickers and shoes... oh my....

i'm playing in the superleague tennis finals tonight so hopefully i win. it's 1 game of singles and 2 games of doubles and it's been awhile since i played comp but i'm feeling good..... feeling strong..... [if only good and strong ment stressed and in pain....]

things are alright at the moment. not alot of drama, which i hope last for the next couple of weeks while i have my end of semester exams. i can't wait for these holidays. although plans for melbourne are up in the air again now and i might get a job at a book shop in the city which would be fantastic.

i went to the valley on friday night and drank chai tea and people watched. we saw super-bruce ex-gf and i got talking to a nice young lass from izzwizz. i saw the chick with the 3 liprings i made out with last week but was too shy to do anything knowing that i had completely written myself off.

on saturday night it was pretty cold and shitty. i ate some very taste cheesecake and had more chai tea and saw the sailors play. they were bad. words can't describe it. the part that pissed me off the most was that they were singing songs about being gay and talking about throbbing penises all night when they aren't actually gay at all. [which is what i previously thought] it just seemed really wrong and all of a sudden all they're songs [i'll fuck your ass with a fist for a cock] were very unfunny and offensive. i love my homocore but this wasn't good.

i went to the flea markets with the boys and lego man's grrrlfriend on sunday morning and had a really good time. i got some pink pinstripe pants and beanie and random other stuff. after that we went to the art gallery which was fun except i was wearing the really old pants and the zipper busted, which waasn't fun. i fixed it but that's what you get for wearing really old clothes.....

on sunday afternoon i was supposed to be typing the assignment that i'm supposed to be typing now as well and i was on msn with HC grrrl when she said there was a show at an abandoned warehouse near the river. so off we went. and it was everyhitng punk rock was ment to be.

it's been abandoned for over a month now and they used to have raves there but now the powers turned off so they have to feed extension cords in from the apartment block behind. and it's dark and dirty and big and fun. i saw draft dodger again and the fancy boys and extra foxx and some other bands

we smashed some stuff up punk rock style and i went to pick up sb and green and 2 other kids and we came back and started skipping with electrical wire. you had to be there but it was so fun and it just would have been weird to walk in this warehouse where there's a band in the corner and punk grrrls playing skiprope. later this guy told me he wanted me to mind rape him but i wans't sure how you'd go about doing that. i think he thought it was a really good pick up line from his smile but i was just confused. besides you can't rape the willing.

the best part was in the middle there's this pole that swings around and it got a rope hanging from it and soemone pushes you and you swing around just above the ground form this big metal thing with like a 10m radius. it was so much fun and i wasn't even drunk.

anyway i went home from there about 1am and can't remember the last time i had that much fun.

on monday i slept till 1pm casue it was the queens birthday long weekend.

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