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learning from mistakes - 2005-06-09
pole lotta love - 2004-09-16
count on this - 2004-09-12
rude girl xscrhcx - 2004-09-11
going out drinking beer - 2004-09-10

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nothing new to tell and nothing else to say

the end

EARS that she wished heard the truth when people were lying to her.
she had eyes that were always looking and metal that stopped her from speaking
all the things she was thinking
and bad hair
useless hands that never did anything and legs that were not used.

a little bit of art because i'm in an arty mood. that is i'd rather be doing anything other a=then studying right now. bless the internet, it makes it so much easier for me to procrastenate. i'm in the process of dramatically changing my page at the moment. if you have any ideas that would make it even better let me know and tell me what you think...

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