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i went to a party in west end on thursday night it was quiet and there was cake. i feel quite uncomfortable being kissed by someone you've never met before, as a greeting, it always lands in the wrong place and i'm never sure if i should kiss them back. it's ok if its my mum or friends but the kiss greeting general isn't something i do with anyone willy nilly [i'm not that type of grrrl...]. after the party we went to the valley except it was cold and uneventful.

ummm... boozestock today... mmm... beer

last night i saw the second charlies angels movie. it was hell good and extra cheesy. mostly i think i liked it for the bad guy who played drew barrymore's ex. he was a bit of alright. oh my... i mean he wasn't attractive but i loved what he was wearing and he's little mohawk and boots and his accent. mmm... it definately helped that he was built like a tank. actually he sort of looked like mr. wolf which was scary.

anyway i'm off to pay rent.

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