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skateboarding on sunday wasn't very eventful as we were feeling the effects of the night before. my legs felt like they had chains on them. after about an hour and all of us stacking it we gave up and got ice cream and watched videos.

when we were leaving the house this 2 crazy men gave us a video called 911: the road to tyranny. the only way i can desribed them is that they both had matching haircuts and thick framed glasses and looked like your standard serial killer who had just come from his malitia meeting to sprend some propaghanda and round up troops before going home to beat his wife, sexually abuse his kids and then spend a night at his racial hate group of choice. in anycase they were well scary.

the video ended up being new world order/ anti govertment/ pro christian brainwashing [insert deep monotone voice here] so we watch lost boys instead and later read zines and sat around and chatted.

last night i played tennis badly and that was about it.

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