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i'm burning some lavender and chamomile oil trying to relieve some anger i'm feeling at the moment. i don't own a burner so i have a spoon delicately balanced above a tealight candle with glutac. mostly i think i'm breathing glutac fumes but delerium is good to. in order to make myself less angry and more happy here's a list of things which get my goat.

*when the bobbin runs out and i've almost finished sewing soemthing
*when there's no milk left for a cup of tea
*the evil she-bitch devil women
*when i know i don't appreciate all the wonderful things in my life
*damn emo music can suck my bumcrack
*not knowing how to use/work something and then finding out it's painfully easy
*my own hypocrisy
*when meat prices go up and i can't afford to buy both veal and pork chops
*not saying it to my face
*losing/breaking stuff i really like
*when that foreboding feeling was right
*stupid people

today super-bruce and satchel man's brother started some kind of blues/ dirty rock band. unfortunately super-bruce's singing is painfully awful and it makes me grind my teeth together. he puts on this funny accent that makes my ears bleed. i can't begin to decribe it but it's nasty.

also i put a price on love today. $12.84, that's the price of a 6 pack of coopers pale ale on special. it rounds up to $12.85 upon purchase but love always costs more than you expect.

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