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most of last night was spent waiting for public transport, the rest was spent walking or in taxis. this morning we went to greazefest which was really small and only had a few good market stalls. instead of lots of hot rockabilly boys in big shoes it was mostly just redneck hicks. there were alot of really nice old cars but. oh my... i got some dice hairpins and that was about it.

when we got home green was out the back of the house. not impressed. i went into the city and applied for a new job at this trendy fashion store [paul frank/ lee/ mainstream alternative stuff] that's looking for casuals so hopefully they call me but i don't think i'm the fashion store type.

when i was drinking on friday night i was standing next to the assistant manager and drunkenly rambling to her friend how cool i thought her batman shoes were and then i walked into to hand in my resume [which is all of half an A4 page and was typed in 5 minutes] and i was like ohhh bugger that's why she looks so familiar [she must be well impressed with me...]. oh well... but i really need a new job now.

anyway all in all it was an average weekend, nothing too exciting, i was expecting too much from it. F1 took some photos at greazefest so i'll put some up tomorrow.

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