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this weekend was especailly laid back after the binge drinking beer bonzana which summed up the previous one. drinking sown the coast on friday night for a minor treat/ the quickening show, woke up saturday and drank at children of the shitty porn.

i got really drunk in a church hall at an all ages sXe show at 2pm saw minor treat again and saw some of draft dodger but mostly drank with JB and the chick who slept with mr wolf. she's so fun, so that was cool. then about 6ish we left to go up the coast 'cause i's already seen stockholme syndrome so there was no point hanging around.

we got to dino's 21st just as the bar tab ran out and i was well drunk anyway. this fat chick from high school was giving a speech and she was one of those people who make up for their lack of wit and humour by being extra loud, anyway she proclaimed her undying stalker-like love for dino [they have never will never be together] and it was so embarassing for everyone there. so i start yelling "CAKE CAKE CAKE" and banging my fists on the table which didn't go down to well with the relies but oh well...

the prostitutes were really good on tuesday night except for the singer whose voice got really annoying after a couple of songs and simon day didn't sing nearly enough. i also saw team plastic for the first time and they were well fun. instead of staying around for gazoonga me and F1 got tea and cheesecake and went home. wednesday was all arts and crafts and staple guns so really it couldn't have been any better and i've almost finish the set of draws i was making for a present and they look marvellous.

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