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all the memories i'd rather forget always involve too much vommit and not enough love. lately the thought of killing myself has been comforting, not that i would be it's sort of reassuring but in a way that also scares me... i don't know if i'm expressing myself properly. i'm alright in a round about sort of fucked up way. i want so badly to be happy that it's making me sad.

i can't really tell anyone cause i don't want pity and maybe i'm posting this entry 'cause i do to some degree. i just can't find the words to say how sad/ stressed/ angry i am and feel no one can know the extent of it anyway. and i would get a reassuring hug and one of "those" looks and be sent on my way. the pills don't help, i just grind my teeth less.

fuck me... i told my dad i was quitting my job and he told me that i was going out too much and just same old a dad stuff... i didn't sleep last night cause i was in a cold sweat: part alcohol/ part lonliness. anyway it's really early now and i just got off the phone to him and i only just relised how little that man knows about me and partly it's my own fault but i also know that he would never understand or be able to accept some things.

i have so many wonderful things in my life that i could begin to find words to describe and i feel i don't appreciate them for all they are. i have no reason to be sad but i can't help myself. it just hurts to think at the moment.

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