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the lamest joke ever.

i was at swing dancing last night and asked dr. jane how mr. X [the guy she hooked up with from swing dance class 2 weeks ago] was and she said: "i ended it, i didn't think he'd be a very good boyfriend" to which i replied: "yeah, i heard he's a swinger." hahaha. i'm a dork.

the chick at the fish and chip shop up the road has the biggest hard-on for me. it all started innocently with an extra fish fillet and now i'm getting 2 extra potato scallops or pineapple fritters... free. she's super friendly. *wink wink*

so bruised all over now that i've fallen off my skateboard, i hit this rock and then landed on it. kharma. today was really busy. i woke up at 5am and wrote a seminar that was presented at 9am i finished it 20 minutes beforehand. all things considered it didn't go that badly. argh... 2 4hour lab days and the house i wanted to move into has been rented.

if anyone wants to buy my livid tickets off me i need to sell them 'cause i can't afford to go. i've got 2. guestbook me.

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