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so much i haven't written about because my internet connnection has been fucking up. i really need to get broadband. well the weekend was quiet. i went to toowoomba on friday night to for the last show at the national hotel. it was pretty boring and the were the SMELLIEST toilets i've ever been in, including the mens at the railway. that place is a shithole, i feel sorry for dino who just moved there.

at the moment i can't talk because i lost my voice. so i find out if i got into UQ pharmacy tomorrow. very nervous asbout that. arghhhh... dying from heat and sweat. speaking on hot ballerina gave me the raddest pair on black patent leather 4 inch platform mary janes on thursday night. oh my... i nearly creamed my pants.

anyway i got go have a cold shower now because of the heat, not the shoes. i love summer.

also i saw a bush turkey or rainforest chicken and a snake the other day.

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