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i wanted to update. i wanted to tell everone that apart from being horribly poor i'm actually quite good at the moment. i've started back at tennis again and i'm going for a skate this afternoon.

so my aim is to lose 10kg in 10 weeks. i only weigh 62-64kg but because i'm so short i'm feeling really unhealthy at the moment and i want to get fit again.

i drank quite abit on thurdsday night but was relatively sober and saw a band called the ordinarys at 1.30am, they were alright, almost exactly like old burnouts... but 2 of the guys used to live with mr wolf and the drummer is from gasoline so it was to be expected.

friday i went for chai tea in the valley which was nice and worked and went to the chardons the next day so sleep deprived. some many kids from wayback. if you were a pub-grrrl reader you may remember piercing guy... well he got married, all the old school punks were out, some i spent the night trying to avoid.

today i was goign to help punky girl move but it's too hot.

i'm goign to make a better effort this week. promise.

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