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B. came down from the coast again today and we went shopping and hung out with tam tam in the city. i bought black velvet pants for $19 [they're the most comfy hotsex pants ever], black footless tights $4, new waterproof mascara, wrights coal tar soap and h-block 101 burning with the times cd. then we drank strawberry and cream ice chocolates from gloria jeans and saw the 3rd harry potter movie.

i really like it, it was so good but it was my favourite book in the series too so i was expecting that. i scored a cherry lip tint too, my brother inadvertently bought it at the chemist and had been wearing it all week, not knowing his lips were a glossy red colour. fuck i was laughing so hard when he had it on and he had no idea what was wrong because he doesn't apply it in front of a mirror so he never relised.

he went home and mowhawk boy came over and we just chatted for awhile, not about anything imparticular, and drank tea. i've had lots of nice male friends to hang out with lately like B. and celica boy [who actually drove up from the goldie on sunday with both series of black books on dvd and ate french toast with me while i recovered from a hangover] and well while all men are rats it's good to have some around some of the time. you know for heavy lifting and stuff like that...

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