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miss fluff, i will miss your diary dearly and hope to run into you in brisvegas one day.

i couldn't sleep last night i was so excited. i wanted to post on here but the server was down so i just stared at the glow in the dark stars on my ceiling and thought about how lucky i am.

friday night i wasn't going to go out because i'd started work early and had been drinking far too much lately, even by my standards. after a nap, a fucked up sms from mowhawk boy, a missed phone call and a cup of tea i decided there was nothing left for me to do but have a couple of quiet jugs with crust and some other grrrls at the mustang bar and catch the last bus home.

big pink and piercing boy were there and lots of other fun people and the next thing it was 11.05pm and there were 6 jugs on our table and only 4 of us drinking them that plus the four jugs me and crust bought before 11 and the 2 miss elvis bought and the $1 spirits we got on arrival i was in no state to be catch public transport. we danced abit to bad music and an even worse covers band and big pink offered to give me a lift home.

and then grover came over to talk to me, and i was like ummm... yup. ahhh... drunken happy mess. he is fucking amazing to look at. oh my. and it turns out he is even more lovely to talk to and hang out with and we swapped numbers then some random guy who i was talking to grabbed me and bit me on both arms and i have 2 sets of teeth marks on me and a bruise from it and i went to punch him but he pulled me down onto him and i couldn't move and even though this guy was hell drunk and just mucking around i don't think he relised what he was doing.

so i pushed away i ran over to grover and was like ahhh that guy's hell scary and we said stuff... i don't really remember but it was cute and then we kissed. ummm... yeah he has 3 lip rings and it was just really good/nice/warm/soft/not sloppy [running out of adjectives]... perfect 1st kiss. hee hee... i haven't been this giddy with excitement in years. I'M FUCKING GIDDY. have been a smiling mess all weekend. may actually be glowing...

ended up going back to his place where we just slept and hugged and woke up in the morning and just hugged and kissed and talked for a couple of hours and it was so lovely, he is the sweetest thing. i ended up walking home from his place because it wasn't that far away and it was a beautiful day. stopped in to visit ballerina and only mr. ballerina was home and ended up chatting to him for awhile and then wandered to an op shop up the road where everything was $1!!! and got the best zebra print knee length skirt ever. it's so cute and it was a $1. yay. and then i ran into green and his lady back from borneo and chatted to them and then caught a bus and walked home again and stopped in at jimjam and loulou's and then made it home 2hours later.

fucking best morning ever. then all the carmel st crew were over and then i had coffee with celica boy and saw the new vin disel movie which was alright, i'm not really a huge sci fi, fantasy person but could listen to vin disel talk for hours. he should make bedtime story tapes for adults... nothing suspo... but that's one deep voice.

i think celica boy living on a farm and not having a girlfriend is not good for him because i get the feeling he's developed a crush on me which is bad, very bad. we've been friends for years and this isn't cool at all. i don't know if it's the 3 sms and phone calls a day that gave it away or the odd vibes i was getting during the movie which made me super uncomfortable.

saturday night i was supposed to go to the casino for birthday coktails but couldn't be bothered getting dolled up and instead went over tam tam's ate and watched videos. lots of fun. sunday i was all bright and fresh from a good sleep and not having liver malfunction adn headed to greazefest with miss-p [new super tight blue jeans, red platform mary janes, cherry apron strapless top, black cardi and little quiff] where on the 3month aniversary of the day in which he fucked me over i ran into him.

he was wasted, it was 2pm, he's hair was shit and he looked like crap. i freaked out for a bit, almost threw up and then went over. he leaves to be with her in october. that's only 1 and 1/2 more months of accidentally running into him before i never have to see his face again. he said he was having a party before he left and that i was more than welcome to come and i told him in no uncertain terms i would definately not be there and walked away. yay me. it was really fucking cool. ask miss p. it was rad.

me went and ate macadamia nut pesto pizza at a hippy cafe in west end and popped next door to the radical love house to visit kids and had a cuppa. best weekend i've had in a long time. and after that i was already to go to bed last night when i got an sms from grover. cutest sms ever, thought i was goign to explode with joy and so if all goes well... yeah well i'll leave it there for now.

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