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my parents will be here any minute for the routine inspection and i'm scattered and tired and completely unprepared for their onslaught. ahhh... too much beer last night. it wasn't ment to be this way. i was all prepared to see him there and then nothing, and so i drank until i forgot how many beers i'd had and it was all over.

he gave me this piss-weak wave and so i just nodded because he was on the other side of the room and i'm hardly about to go running up to him and be all like "ohh hey sunshine, *hugs* how's the horse face moley slut?" so i just stayed in my seat and drank my beer. he should be thankful. i've been very fucking tolerable and considerate about this. grrr.....

on the upside i looked really cute. i was wearing my black velour pants and leopard print belt, red and white stripe pirate boob-tube and a black scarf. i saw mohawk boy and we had this conversation which lead to him telling me that he thinks i deserve better than he could give me [this is after it was concluded that this would only work as friends because it wasn't working] and i just said i was confused but it's all good between us.

what i don't get is when guys tell youthat they really like you and want to be with you and think you're worth everything and then don't do fuck all about it. and instead just get drunk/stoned and write you off. i would have been fucking proud to be mohawk boy's girlfriend, i have alot of respect for that man, even if we are both fucked up at the moment. so that's the way that cookie crumbled.

after the bands played i went into the valley with crust and the boy up the street and met up with lots of lovelies, piercing boy, miss elvis, miss-p, nettie, pinny and some randoms and went to dance but was most too drunk to stand for long and went home to grovers for nothing but cuddles. we hung out a heap this week, got drunk on wednesday night but nothing has been happening at all. he's a smoking christian... i don't know where i'm going with this...

suffice to say i fucking loathe cigarettes and organised religion. yucko.

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